Software package EconnectID

marketing tool for your business

Mobile devices Application

For the final Consumer – for the Client


Is to ensure the database from retailer to the final Consumer – to the Client

Data base

With System Configuration and Users data

Software package EconnectID represents such opportunities:

For retailers:

  • no need to release plastic cards ;
  • rapidly activation of a new Client in the system;
  • safety data storage;
  • Clients activity analysis;
  • opportunity to promptly inform selectively or all Clients off-line and on-line;
  • opportunity to rapidly get a feedback form the Client;
  • flexibility of software product architecture with opportunity of enhancement and new functions implementation.

For Clients:

  • brief and simple process of activation in retailer’s system;
  • no need for plastic cards;
  • to obtain information about Supplier’s outlets and find it on the map;
  • reach out to retailer;
  • get a note about current news and special offers of retailer;
  • using one account for all members of the family from the different devices;
  • make a plan of grocery shopping and mark it when it’s done.

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